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Mom2Mom is an attachment based, home-visiting project for mothers of young infants. Home-visitors are volunteers who are mothers from the community who are trained and supervised by our professional team. During the weekly home visits, a significant connection is established between the volunteer and the mother, which allows for a place for listening, support, and empowerment for the mother. The project was founded in Jerusalem in 2000 and today there are branches throughout the country.


Our great volunteers are the engine behind this project.
Year after year they continue to volunteer with us and support the mothers who need them.
Thanks to them, the project has existed for over 20 years and every year new mothers and volunteers join us.

We are grateful to the Harris Foundation, Chicago, USA, and the CLK Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, who supported us from day one.
We appreciate and thank the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Health. The municipality provides us with the training center in the Katamonim neighborhood, which provides a warm space for our activities.


The research of Prof. Marsha Kaitz, the founder of Mom2Mom in Jerusalem, focus on the awareness of postpartum depression among Nurses and Pediatricians. 


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