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Marsha Kaitz, PhD,  is a professor in the Department of Psychology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Her research interests focus on the mother-infant relationship and maternal behavior.  She has been a principal investigator on research grants aimed at learning about the effects of maternal anxiety on infant and child development. She also is co-principal investigator on a NICHD grant aimed at the study of the intergenerational transmission of trauma as a result of exposure to terror. Marsha founded Mom2Mom in 2000, modeled after the Visiting Moms project, Jewish Family and Children Services, Boston, USA.


Naomi Tessler, BSW, is a social worker, breast-feeding counselor, and coordinator of Momto Mom. After joining Mom2Mom in 2003 as a volunteer, she was hired as a coordinator of the home-visiting project and in 2008, founded the Mom2Mom playgroup in Jerusalem.

​Miriam Chriki, MA is a developmental psychologist and coordinator of Mom2Mom. Miriam has carried out research on differences in maternal and paternal behavior during the early postpartum period and has evaluated new intervention techniques for very young children with sensory and regulation disturbances. In parallel to coordinating Mom2Mom, Miriam works with young children with early signs of risk or pathology, icluding autism, and their families.


​Judith Levy, MA in early childhood development from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Judith began her ‘career’ in Mom2Mom as a graduate student at Hebrew University, and she wrote her graduate thesis on the project. Judith was hired as a coordinator of Mom2 Mom in 2013.




Thank you!


The project is sustained and energized by our wonderful volunteers, who continue to work with us year after year despite their hectic schedules, family obligations, and work-load. We are indebted to them for their continuing help and support.

We are grateful to the Irving Harris Foundation, Chicago, USA, for their continuing support of Mom2Mom.

We also thank the Elia & Fannie Karas Foundation, Inc., Boston, MA, USA; and the CLK Foundation, Boston, MA, USA that have supported us since the project's inception. We also appreciate the support of the Jerusalem Municipality in housing the project and the Ministry of Health in supporting supervision of coordinators and some of our sister projects. Many thanks to Professor Charles Greenbaum (Department of Psychology, Hebrew University) and the other members of the Jerusalem-based Harris Committee, as well as professionals throughout the city for their trust and ongoing help in the project.


Prof. Marsha Kaitz, the founder of Mom2Mom in Jerusalem is politically active as well. Her efforts focus on the awareness of postpartum depression among Nurses and Pediatricians. More can be read in an article published in Haaretz​ here.

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